ČSOB Marathon 2024

In our #RunningHunters team, we are all different. One basically doesn’t like running, but she always takes the challenge once a year, the other doesn’t train at all, but when reaching the the finish line, she looks like after a short pleasant walk, the third trains with a trainer and the fourth runs, because running is actually the only sport she likes. And the fifth one (this year’s shadow member of the team) runs along the track despite a strained muscle and encourages not to give up in critical moments.
And our “cheerleaders”? They are always fantastic! If by any chance one of them can’t come, the others bring all the family members, so the shouting at the finish line is always strong enough: “Katiiiii go go go!!!”
Thank you to all, and we are already looking forward to the next season of the #ČSOBmarathon relay race! (written by the one who doesn’t like to run and she really means it 😊😊)
This is how we are in the #ArthurHuntSlovakia team – seniors with juniors and mini juniors – we enjoy not only running, but also working on projects for you!

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